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Licata Pottas can assist in your transformation for any occasion! Indoor or outdoor potted plant staging is a great way to make your event or home sale more welcoming. No event is too large or small! We will use your color choices to stage the perfect setting for your event. Items for rent include indoor and outdoor potted plants and flowers which can be a great addition to staging you home for open houses, parties, free standing centerpieces and table top designs. Why buy, when you can rent for your specific timeframe!

Ready to see how Licata Pottas can assist in transforming your space? Visit our Contact Page to send us a message or Call Licata Pottas to find out more:             716-901-4945


“Licata Pottas transformed our home to a beautiful, colorful and fragrant array of plants and flowers. Then, a day later, simply and quietly they were all picked up with no mess or hassle! Bravo to Licata Pottas!”


Samantha Billings, Mother of the Bride



​“Our company wanted an outdoor space for our employees to relax from the indoor stress of the day. we purchased  beautiful potted designs of plants /flowers and Licata Pottas visits once a week for maintenance and up keep. Highly recommended for your business”

Brenda Stewart, Stewart Estate Services

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